Decoding Biologics Production

53Biologics is an end-to-end CDMO for your preclinical and clinical projects, from plasmid DNA to proteins

Experts in Biologics Production

Since we are a customer-focused CDMO, we adapt to your needs. Our scientists can develop and release plasmids, mAbs and other recombinant proteins in time and following cGMP standards

Plasmid DNA

We provide plasmid DNA production services to fulfill your requirements and accelerate your advanced therapies production.


We are working to cover the entire mRNA value chain, from DNA template generation and linearization to RNA purification.


From cell banking to contract manufacturing, 53Biologics will make the most of your monoclonal antibody or protein of interest.

Who are we?

We are a fast-growing CDMO based in Spain with extensive experience in biologics production, from plasmid DNA to proteins. Although we are young, we have worked in several preclinical and clinical projects for our clients all over the world.

Our mission is your mission. We strive for excellence in our CDMO services to be your partner and give you the best support to bring your biotherapeutic to realisation.

Your Perfect CDMO Partner Choice

Discover All About Our CDMO Services

Discover All About Our CDMO Services

Plasmid DNA Services

We provide plasmid DNA production services to fulfill your requirements and accelerate your advanced therapies production.

Cell Banking

We can develop, characterize and store different cell banks for our customers to be used for advanced therapies.

Process Development

We offer complete upstream and downstream process development support for any pDNA production project.

Contract Manufacturing

Thanks to our cost-effective and flexible plasmid DNA manufacturing service our experts can provide custom plasmid production to your exact specifications.


Our pDNA services comes with outstanding quality control and documentation support as requested.

We adapt to your needs on time, within a budget and following the quality standards of your choice as the customer-focused CDMO that we are

RNA Services

We have a deep knowledge of nucleic acids and biopharmaceutical services. We are working to integrate our capabilities across the operational value chain to enable the development and commercialization of RNA therapeutics.

We have experience across all stages of the biopharmaceutical value chain making us your perfect CDMO partner

Protein Services

We are a reliable and flexible partner for your recombinant protein production like mAbs, enzymes, ancillary reagents or vaccines.

Strain Development

We have a vast experience in microbial strain development using bacteria such us E. coli, yeast like P. pastoris and fungal expression systems.
cell banking

Cell Banking

We are fully capable to produce and characterize Master Cell Banks (MCB) and Working Cell Banks (WCB) in our GMP compliant suits.

Process Development

Our experts in Upstream and Downstream Development provide personalized attention and ensure the most effective and innovative solutions for complex challenges.

Protein Manufacturing

We offer a wide range of manufacturing capacities for your enzymes, monoclonal antibodies, biosimilars or vaccines under GMP and non-GMP conditions.

Analytical Services

From early development to commercial manufacturing, we provide multiple analytical testing services to support your protein project.


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