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53Biologics is a Spanish CDMO specialized in decoding biologics production, from DNA to proteins. 

53Biologics is a Spanish CDMO specialized in decoding biologics production, from DNA to proteins. The company provide services from preclinical development to GMP manufacturing, supporting their clients in getting their biological products to market as quickly as possible.

Why 53Biologics?

DNA is ‘read’ in a specific way, like letters and words are read to from left to right to reproduce a message, the encoded information is translated in one direction. This reading frame, from the five-prime end (5’) to the three-prime end (3’) is in the genesis and the sense of life for 53Biologics. The initial designations refer to the number of carbon atom in a deoxyribose molecule to which a phosphate group bonds. But for 53Biologics is the way to translate, from a DNA to a protein, from just encoded information to a reality. 

Lasts Years Evolution

Want to know more about us? 53Biologics was born from a group of scientists who believe that biologics would shape the future of the pharmaceutical industry. The commitment and will of our employees from the beginning and during these lasts years has been the driving force behind 53Biologics’ continual mission to become a great CDMO through each success.

Right now, the company is focused on providing end-to-end services to support our customers at all stages of their drug development, from R&D to commercial manufacturing. We have managed to become a great CDMO, making the mission of our customers our own mission in every project.

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Flexible CDMO for biologics production

Our state-of-the-art facilities in Spain allow us to support biopharma companies from preclinical development to clinical and commercial production of their innovative therapies, like antibodies, enzymes, vaccines or APIs. We are not afraid of handling challenging projects such as producing hard-to-express proteins or developing unconventional purification schemes.

53Biologics counts with two buildings, two cGMP manufacturing lines focused on preclinical, clinical and commercial manufacturing and one nonGMP manufacturing line when cGMP compliance is not demanded.

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