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53Biologics is a fast-growing global CDMO based in Valladolid (Spain) with extensive experience in decoding biologics overexpression, from DNA to proteins.

Why 53Biologics?

DNA is 'read' in a specific way, like letters and words are read to from left to right to reproduce a message, the encoded information is translated in one direction. This reading frame, from the five-prime end (5’) to the three-prima end (3’) is in the genesis and the sense of life for 53Biologics. The initial designations refer to the number of carbon atom in a deoxyribose molecule to which a phosphate group bonds. But for 53Biologics is the way to translate, from a DNA to a protein, from just encoded information to a reality.

Our Mission

We strive for excellence in our services to be your perfect CDMO partner and to make easy your most complex challenges. Our success is tied to yours. That is the reason why we are passionate about accompanying our clients in  their  paths  through their biologics production.

Our Values

All our people at 53Biologics operates under the following values: flexibility, integrity, passion, and transparency to build long-lasting relationships with our clients and complete their projects successfully. We embrace our corporate values and we reflect them in our daily routine.

Our Team

We are highly qualified and motivated scientists with wide experience across all stages of the biopharmaceutical value chain. We strongly believe in teamwork and our collaborative spirit is the key to our success. We are passionate people using our commitment, talent and expertise, as well as our enthusiasm and human touch to support each step of your biologic journey, from concept to market.

Discover more about 53Biologics services

Plasmid DNA Services

We provide plasmid DNA production services to fulfill your requirements and accelerate your advanced therapies production.

mRNA Services

We are working to cover the entire mRNA value chain, from DNA template generation and linearization to RNA purification.

Protein Services

From finding the most suitable host to contract manufacturing, 53Biologics will make the most of your protein of interest.


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