53Biologics expands its state-of-the-art facilities to better serve biopharma industry

The Spanish CDMO 53Biologics is operating in a new facility recently adquired at Boecillo Technological Park.

Boecillo, Spain – 53Biologics, a leading CDMO for the biopharma industry, has recently expanded its facilities in the Boecillo Technology Park. This expansion was necessary to accommodate the company’s consistent growth and to better serve its clients.

“Demand for our services has been rising every year, so we have been hiring additional staff and shortening turnaround times.” said CEO Pablo Gutiérrez. “Our new facility enables us to continue to improve our services to our clients.”

The new 1.500-square-foot facility houses the Quality Control and Molecular Biology laboratories. These laboratories were designed to prevent cross-contamination between stages of analyses and multiple customers’ projects.

“Our new facility is truly state-of-the-art in Quality Control and expands our capacity by more than 20 percent,” Gutiérrez said. “It was designed to maximize efficiency, so we are able to better serve our customers’ needs.”

The new facility also provides larger workspaces for 53Biologics scientists, additional meeting rooms and areas for quality time. With this expansion, 53Biologics is able to continue to conduct custom biologics development and production services for a larger number of clients.

The decision to remain within the Boecillo Technological Park was essential for the company as it benefits from the unique environment consisting of a community of fellow technical and scientific companies. This local scientific community fosters further scientific development through innovation and collaboration within the scientific community. Having multiple laboratories linked in one central location allows 53Biologics to help its clients save time and money by utilizing a single site to complete their entire project.

53Biologics is committed to providing customized solutions and reliable results in a quality manner. For more information on the company and its services, please visit 53Biologics.com.

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