The pharmaceutical industry is evolving and 53Biologics is changing in line. PERTE Salud de Vanguardia

The biotech and biopharma sectors contribute to saving lives and improve people’s well-being. It also has a very large economic impact all over the world, but it is necessary to improve and optimize the value chain of the pharmaceutical industry in order to keep improving people’s health. In other words, the industrial transformation of the pharmaceutical and medical device industries is very needed.

The Spanish Ministry of Industry, Trade, and Tourism launched a grant called PERTE Salud de Vanguardia for funding strategic initiatives related to industrial transformation of the pharmaceutical and medical device sectors. As innovation is one of our values, we decided to apply thre different projects to the Ministry we knew they can help evolve not only our company but also Spanish biotech and biopharma situation.

When the resolution was published, we were extremely amazed as among the 17 distinct initiatives were granted, all the projects we submitted for were included.

Thanks to these funds we will be able to focuss in the development of RNA enzymes, biomedical proteins and in-house digitalization. But, from a global point of view, we will be able to:

  • Contribute to the digital transformation of the biotech and biopharma sector to meet the new healthcare challenges
  • Contribute to innovation in quality and safety processes
  • Contribute to innovations in the production process derived from the priority of advanced materials and products
  • Boosting the digital transformation of the health sector
  • Establish Spain as a world leader in innovation and development


About 53Biologics

53Biologics is a CDMO with extensive experience in decoding biologics production, from DNA to proteins. They provide services of cell line transformation, cell banking, analytical development, scale-up and batches productions.

Their mission is your mission. They strive for excellence in their services to be your perfect CDMO partner and help you achieve your objectives. They are passionate about accompanying their clients in their paths through their biologics production. 53Biologics works in a quick, proactive and efficient way, always ensuring very high-quality standards.

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