Oligofastx project, development of RNA-based therapeutics

53Biologics participates in the OLIGOFASTX project. This project aims to create a comprehensive platform to facilitate and contribute to the accelerated development of oligonucleotide-based therapies in Spain.

OLIGOFASTX is a multidisciplinary consortium led by Sylentis (PharmaMar Group) and in which other companies such as Nanovex BiotechnologiesARTHEx BiotechAptus Data LabsaptaTargets and Nostrum Biodiscovery participate in addition to 53Biologics.

53Biologics participates in this project as a CDMO with extensive experience in the overexpression of biologics that provides services for the generation, improvement and characterization of cell banks, analytical developments, optimization and scaling of production and purification processes, as well as the regular production of batches of these products for the pharmaceutical and diagnostics sector.

Francisco M. Reyes, Business Development Manager of 53Biologics says: “According to our strategic plan 53Biologics aims to become a reference supplier along the entire value chain of RNA-based therapeutics. The production systems based on biocatalytic methods that we plan to develop in the OLIGOFASTX project will offer significant benefits in terms of selectivity, sustainability and cost reduction. ”

About 53Biologics

53Biologics is a CDMO with extensive experience in biologics overexpression decoding that provides cell line transformation, banking and characterization, analytical development, process development (USP and DSP) and batch production (cGMP if required) services.

Its mission is to serve different companies, from start-ups to large companies, as well as other pharmaceutical CDMOs, to help bring their products to market.

53Biologics works quickly, proactively and efficiently, always ensuring very high quality standards.

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