Safety First at 53Biologics

The first week of June, part of 53Biologics dedicated team completed our annual fire and emergency response training course. This crucial training ensures that our employees are well-prepared to handle any emergency situation, prioritizing safety and quick action.

From fire prevention techniques to emergency evacuation procedures, our team is equipped with the knowledge and skills to maintain a safe working environment. This commitment to safety is a cornerstone of our operations, ensuring we can continue to focus on delivering high-quality biopharmaceutical solutions.

A big thank you to all our employees for their participation and dedication to making 53Biologics a safer place to work!

About 53Biologics:

53Biologics is a CDMO with specialized in biologics production. It is a leading biopharma company providing services from preclinical and clinical development to GMP manufacturing, supporting our clients in getting their biological products to market as quickly as possible.

For more information contact Patricia De La Madrid, Marketing & Business Development Manager at 53Biologics through this email:

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