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Our mRNA services will integrate the entire operational value chain to enable the development and commercialization of mRNA therapeutics.

A brand-new class of biotherapeutics that is quickly growing is messenger RNAs (mRNAs). Although the field is still young, they have a lot of potential. mRNA treatments offer a fresh approach for the targeted treatment of challenging diseases and flexible manufacturing, as demonstrated by the rapid development of mRNA vaccines against COVID-19. Beyond vaccines, the clinical promise of mRNA also encompasses cutting-edge treatments like cancer immunotherapy, protein replacement therapy, and gene therapy.

Our mRNA Services

mRNA Process Development

We will optimize USP and DSP processes and speed up timelines for your mRNA delivery. Our team will build an mRNA development process that will minimize material handling between production steps, ensure material integrity and improve yields in order to get your product to market quickly and save you valuable time.

mRNA Manufacturing

Our deep experience in the manufacture of complex sterile products, including Quality Control, supply chain, procurement, and tech transfer is the foundation of our mRNA manufacturing service. We will provide a flexible, cost-effective and efficient manufacturing system capable of scaling manufacturing from R&D quantities to commercial needs as soon as possible.

mRNA Analytics

For your mRNA project, we will provide a full array of analytical tools and validation guidelines to ensure your product safety and regulatory compliance. Our Quality Control labs will perform analytical and microbial testing for mycoplasma and pyrogen detection, assuring sterility and also air monitoring, surface testing and bioburden testing.

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Plasmid DNA Services

We provide plasmid DNA production services to fulfill your requirements and accelerate your advanced therapies production.

Proteins Services

From finding the most suitable host to contract manufacturing, 53Biologics will make the most of your protein of interest.

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