Our Facilities

53Biologics operates a first-class facility in continuous expansion to provides its services. The building is in the Boecillo Technological Park in Valladolid (Spain). Inside a pine forest and with more than 2200 m², the facilities are subdivided in fully equipped spaces for their operations

Molecular Biology

53Biologics has superb molecular biology labs including state of the art equipment to use the most efficient molecular toolkits (base strains, promoters, plasmids, etc…) for the protein overproduction gathered during the last years that are nowadays an asset for its customers.

Microbiology Labs

53Biologics has reserved different rooms for the parallel operations with bacteria, yeast, or fungal platforms.

cell culture suites

Cell Culture Suites

In a separated building of the bioincubator in Boecillo Technology Park equipped with advanced technologies for research and development activities related with the mammalian cell lines generations.

Process Development Facilities

53Biologics has installed a broad range of upstream equipment with different fermentation scales available, from small flasks to stirrer reactors from 1L to 500L, Single-Use and stainless-steel reactors, fully monitored and automatized.

53Biologics can purify different volumes of product from lab to pilot scale following single operation units like centrifugation, cell rupturing, tangential flow filtration using different membranes or by chromatography.


Analytical Labs

53Biologics provides reliable and relevant competencies and methods to characterize your cell bank, your protein of interest and monitor your production process. But on top of that, 53Biologics can call upon a wide network of third-party service providers if a very specific analysis is beyond its remit.

production suite

Production Suites

53Biologics offers a manufacturing structure fully customizable and adaptable to fulfill its clients need in time, cost and manner.
Cell banking GMP operations are conducted in ISO 7 and ISO 8 classified rooms and suites operated under controlled pressure.
Almost all the process configuration (USP & DSP) could be reproduced at 53Biologics’ state-of-the-art facilities in two quality grades.