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53Biologics is able to construct, characterize and store cell banks for your pDNA research, preclinical, and clinical applications.
Our team design the best strategy for the Cell Banking Manufacturing according to the needs of the project. Our pDNA services include the development of different types of cell banks depending on your manufacturing services quality grade.

  • Non GMP Cell Bank: for research purposes and preclinical studies.
  • GMP Cell Bank: for clinical studies and commercial market

We are fully capable to produce and characterize Master Cell Banks (MCB) and Working Cell Banks

Experts in Cell Banking Services

  • Master Cell Bank (MCB) Manufacturing
  • Working Cell Bank (WCB) Manufacturing
  • End of Production Cell Bank (EoPCB) Generation
  • Full Characterization Services
  • Long Term Storage in our GMP controlled area

Our team has a deep expertise in microbial cell bank development, but we are also experienced in mammalian cell bank development in a wide variety of stains and cell lines:

  • Bacteria: Escherichia coli
  • Yeast: Pichia pastoris
  • Fungal: Trichoderma, Aspergillus and the revolutionary Myceliophthora thermophila (C1)
  • Mammalian: CHO and HEK293
  • Insect: Sf2

Analytical Services for pDNA Cell Banking

We offer a strong catalogue analytical services including identity, purity, viability and stability testing following molecular, genetic and microbial assays. 

Our team works with you through all stages of cell bank manufacturing, from the initial inquiry to the characterization, storage and stability testing

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Process Development

We optimize both USP and DSP to speed up timelines for your pDNA delivery.

Contract Manufacturing

Our team can provide custom plasmid production that fits your project specifications.


Our pDNA services comes with outstanding quality control and documentation support as requested.

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