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Thanks to our cost-effective and flexible plasmid DNA manufacturing platform our experts create plasmids to your exact specifications.

Cell and gene therapy research at any scale involves plasmid DNA synthesis as a crucial raw material in the development of several advanced therapies, including viral vectors and RNA vaccines. You can relay on us for your pDNA manufacturing.

Our pDNA Manufacturing Solutions

Whatever your quality grade, our solutions include:
  • Microbial scalable production
  • Optimal pDNA clarification systems that separate impurities from even the highest density cell lysates
  • Customized concentration/diafiltration for large and sensitive molecules
  • Efficient and gentle removal of impurities to prevent their degradation
  • We perform efficient and robust polishing chromatographies that reliably produce homogeneous pDNA extracts
  • Our services provide pDNA at the purity you need
  • We conduct sterile filtrations to avoid microbial contamination
  • Throughout the entire pDNA purification process we perform quality control analyses to ensure the robustness of the product

You can rely on us as your pDNA manufacturer because we understand the importance of your gene and cell therapy

Discover more about our pDNA Services

Cell Banking

53Biologics is able to construct, characterize and store the cell banks for our customers.

Process Development

We optimize both USP and DSP to speed up timelines for your pDNA delivery.


Our pDNA services comes with outstanding quality control and documentation support as requested.

Interested in discussing an upcoming plasmid DNA manufacturing program?