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Thanks to our cost-effective and flexible plasmid DNA manufacturing platform our experts create plasmids to your exact specifications

Cell and gene therapy research at any scale involves plasmid DNA synthesis as a crucial raw material. pDNA is also needed in the development of several advanced therapies, including viral vectors and RNA vaccines. We understand what you need and addapt our service to different proyects:

  • DNA vacciness
  • CAR-T Cell Therapy
  • Gene Editing
  • Cloning and DNA synthesis
  • Hight Throughput Screening
  • mRNA Production

Supporting your pDNA project from the initial steps in the research and pleclinical phases all the way through clinical and commercial manufacturing

Our pDNA Manufacturing Solutions

Throughout the entire pDNA purification process we perform quality control analyses to ensure the robustness of the product. Our dedication to strict quality and compliance guidelines guarantees a smooth transition from discovery to clinic while keeping to your deadlines.

When you choose us you’re getting a team of mRNA experts who support you at every stage of your journey to the clinic and who are aware of the growing need to reach the market more quickly.

pDNA Manufacturing Facilities

For Research Grade

pDNA is produced in a standard laboratory setting with strict quality control. Bioreactors up to 500 L are available for this grade.

For cGMP Grade

cGMP area within air-handling system and airlocks. Bioreactors up to 200 L are available for this grade.

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    Cell Banking

    53Biologics is able to construct, characterize and store the cell banks for our customers.

    Process Development

    We optimize both USP and DSP to speed up timelines for your pDNA delivery.


    Our pDNA services comes with outstanding quality control and documentation support as requested.