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Our team can provide custom plasmid production that fits your project specifications

Ranging from preclinical research studies to clinical trials and commercial manufacturing, we can:

  • Produce pDNA using your existing plasmid.
  • Customize a new one according to your exact needs.
We also offer complete upstream and downstream process development support for any plasmid DNA production project.
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Our pDNA Production Services

The quick advancement of cell and gene therapies and novel vaccines development has led to a growing demand for pDNA manufacturing. In our new state of the art facility, we provide comprehensive services for pDNA production. At 53Biologics we have implemented a cost-effective and flexible plasmid DNA manufacturing platform with dedicated quality control testing for R&D, preclinical and clinical trials.

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We can help you overcome the challenges associated with the purification of pDNA such us high viscosity, large molecule size, shear sensitivity, and help you obtain pDNA at the purity and scale you need

    Different services that adapts to your Plasmid DNA Project

    Cell Banking

    53Biologics is able to construct, characterize and store the cell banks for our customers.

    Process Development

    We optimize both USP and DSP to speed up timelines for your pDNA delivery.

    Contract Manufacturing

    Our team can provide custom plasmid production that fits your project specifications.


    Our pDNA services comes with outstanding quality control and documentation support as requested.