Pichia pastoris is a methylotrophic yeast which is known as one of the most versatile recombinant expression host system.

One of its positive points of Pichia as recombinant production host for the pharma & diagnostic sector is to be more similar with advanced eukaryotic expression systems such as CHO or HEK cell lines. For example, Pichia can add posttranslational modifications like glycosylation that sometimes are needed for the correct folding, solubility, stability, and proper biological activity of your protein of interest.

Besides this, Pichia pastoris has also some competitive advantages like its ability to secrete extracellularly your protein of interest surrounded by a reduced amount of HCP, reduced fermentation times and media production costs with also a strong portfolio of molecular tools to obtain your desired yields.

Those benefits make Pichia one of the preferred microbial platform to overexpress protein of interest. In a few weeks 53Biologics would carry out a lean proof of concept to demonstrate the overexpression of your protein of interest in Pichia and to predict potential rooms for improvement that could guide subsequent development programs.

53Biologics has gathered a strong catalogue of IPfree molecular solutions (base strains, vectors, signal sequences) and constructed a broad network of collaborations to even test the most updated strategies.

But not all the solutions would come from the molecular biology area, 53Biologics have also a strong experience overproducing recombinant proteins in Pichia. Improving and scaling up processes from ml to hundred liters, the control of the upstream processes and the recovery & purity yields during the downstream processing could be finally a definitive solution to increase the overall productivity.

And if maybe Pichia would not be the best solution? 53Biologics is a unique CDMO that could also help you to validate in parallel other hosts solutions. Case by case, each protein hides whether it will be properly overexpressed or not in a selected host, since the beginning is better to explore experimentally your best option.