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We are fully capable to produce and characterize Master Cell Banks (MCB) and Working Cell Banks (WCB)

In our GMP compliant suits we operate under an appropriate quality system for MCB and WCB manufacturing, characterization and release according to the ICH guidelines. Our team works with you through all stages of cell bank manufacturing, from the initial inquiry, design, and initiation of your project to the production, characterization, storage, and stability testing.

We have generated and characterized microbial and mammalian cell banks for our clients all around the world

Experts in Cell Banking Services

Huge expertise in microbial cell bank development, coupled with extensive experience in a wide array of mammalian cell lines. From bacteria to complex mammalian cultures, we offer tailored solutions for cell bank generation and characterization.

Trust us to deliver quality and stability across both microbial and mammalian cell banks.

Master Cell Bank Manufacturing

Working Cell Bank Manufacturing

End of Production Cell Bank Generation

Full Characterization Services

Long Term Storage in GMP controlled area

Analytical Services for Cell Banking

We offer a strong catalogue analytical services including identity, purity, viability and stability following molecular, genetic and microbial assays like:

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