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Our experts in Upstream and Downstream Development provide personalized attention and ensure the most effective and innovative solutions for your complex challenges.

Our flexible facility is specifically designed to adapt the process development to the characteristics of your protein and expression system, accelerating the timelines from concept to manufacturing and reducing risks and costs.

Upstream Development

Our wide experience working with different microbial and mammalian expression systems ensure the best expertise to increase productivity and growth performance of the Upstream Process for your biologic. Different fermentation scales from 1 to 30 liters with different configurations (i.e. Stirred, wave-induced motion, etc.) and different industrial solutions like glass, stainless steel, single-use bioreactors, etc. available. They will help for the medium evaluation, process optimization and scaling-up. Consult our facilities.

Downstream Development

We develop customized Downstream Process according to the characteristic of the protein and its intended use. Our team has extensive experience developing purification schemes for a wide variety of proteins, soluble or insoluble. Our tailored approach, combined with our state of art equipment are used for development, optimization, and scale-up expediting the transfer to manufacturing. Consult our facilities.

We will guide you through the best strategy to optimize your bioprocess, both for Upstream and Downstream Development

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Strain & Cell Line Development

We have wide experience in E. coli, P. pastoris and fungal strain development and mammalian cell line development for the manufacturing of your biologic.
cell banking

Cell Banking

We are fully capable to produce and characterize Master Cell Banks (MCB) and Working Cell Banks (WCB) in our GMP compliant suits.

Protein Manufacturing

We offer a wide range of manufacturing capacities for your enzymes, monoclonal antibodies, biosimilars or vaccines under GMP and non-GMP conditions.

Analytical Services

From early development to commercial manufacturing, we provide multiple analytical testing services to support your protein project.

Do you want to develop a robust production process for your protein?