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Our experts in Upstream and Downstream can develop a robust and reproducible process

Our flexible facility is specifically designed to adapt the process development to the characteristics of your protein and expression system, accelerating the timelines from pre-clinical concept to manufacturing and reducing risks and costs.

Upstream Development

Whether your project requires full upstream process development from scratch or only its optimisation, we will design a customized development approach. We have succesfully develop processes for antibodies, biosimilars, growth factors, molecular biology reagents, virus like particles and vaccines.

Our wide experience working with different microbial and mammalian expression systems ensure the best expertise to increase productivity and growth performance for your recombinant protein. Different fermentation scales from 1 to 30 liters with different configurations (i.e. Stirred, wave-induced motion, etc.) and different industrial solutions like glass, stainless steel, single-use bioreactors, etc. are available. Consult our facilities.

CDMO Process development bioreactor


Over 98% of the proteins in our hands had improved recovery performances

Downstream Development

We develop customized downstream processes according to the characteristic of your protein and its intended use. Our team has extensive experience developing purification schemes enabling them to overcome purification problems for a wide variety of proteins, soluble or insoluble, whether they are produced in the periplasm, cytoplasm or into inclusion bodies.

Our tailored approach, combined with our state-of-art equipment are used for developing an efficient, robust, and scalable process development to make the leap from pilot scale to manufacturing

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We have the ability to solve complex problems that arise during process development and for this reason, we dare to take on protein projects that not fit into the standards