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We are a reliable and flexible CDMO partner for your recombinant enzyme and antibody production

Experts in Protein Production

At 53Biologics we are experts in recombinant protein expression. As a customer-focused CDMO, our protein services are fully adapted to our clients requirements in terms of time, budget and quality. Our scientific team creates tailor-made projects combining our expertise with the most advanced technologies.

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At 53Biologics we have worked on the production of a wide range of recombinant proteins such as enzymes, biosimilars, anticoagulants and monoclonal, fusion, chimeric antibodies

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    Strain & Cell Line Development

    We have wide experience in E.coli, P. pastoris and fungal strain development and mammalian cell line development for the manufacturing of your biologic.
    cell banking

    Cell Banking

    We are fully capable to produce and characterize Master Cell Banks (MCB) and Working Cell Banks (WCB) in our GMP compliant suits.

    Process Development

    Our experts in Upstream and Downstream Development provide personalized attention and ensure the most effective and innovative solutions for complex challenges.

    Protein Manufacturing

    We offer a wide range of manufacturing capacities for your enzymes, monoclonal antibodies, biosimilars or vaccines under GMP and non-GMP conditions.

    Analytical Services

    From early development to commercial manufacturing, we provide multiple analytical testing services to support your protein project.