Why Us?

Finding the right partner is important for your development proteins to reach the market. Our mission is to work in your recombinant protein to achieve a quick and efficient success.

We believe we are your perfect partner in making your recombinant proteins to reach the market, due to 5 important reasons:

Experienced Team

Experts in recombinant protein services. We are a multidisciplinary team including biologist, biotechnologists, chemical and process engineers with over 15 years of experience overexpressing proteins. 

Strong R&D team for both strain engineering and bioprocess development and scale-up with a proven track record to support new product development.


Broad Host Catalogue

Cell line transformation, banking and characterization (cGMP if required): 53Biologics has proven experience producing a broad catalog of recombinant proteins (monoclonal, fusion, chimeric and fragment antibodies, biosimilars, enzymes, anticoagulants, vaccines, etc.) in a wide range of microbial expression systems such as bacteria (E. coli, Bacillus, etc.), yeast (Pichia, Saccharomyces) or fungi (Trichoderma, Aspergillus and the revolutionary C1), mammalian expression systems such as CHO, HEK and insect cells like S2. 

During the last years, the company has developed an efficient molecular biology toolkit to improve protein expression and stability, that is now available for its clients.

53Biologics has experience in the Cell Bank generation and characterization, information required for the Investigational Medicinal Product Dossier (IMPD).


Speed up the Path to Manufacturing

As we gather years of experience in development, scale-up, validation and transfer of bioprocesses, we can give you a better understanding of the road map ahead up to product manufacturing. ​

We will always apply pharma methods compatible or identical to the ones used by cGMP manufacturing companies, making possible the assessment of the manufacturability of your protein and speeding up the transfer to manufacture.


 Y/Our Project

We have the flat structure, customer-oriented of a small and reactive partner to reduce the development times.

We would like to boost your internal R&D, ensuring open communication and confidentiality to integrate both teams. 

We care about the success of your projects as if they were our own.


Quality Policy

It is widely considered that the essential factor for the success of a company is quality. 

Therefore, the quality policy is based on a firm commitment with clients to meet their requirements and expectations. For this reason, 53Biologics has been working to guarantee and promote a culture of quality, by adopting the most demanding international quality controls.

53Biologics is ISO 9001:2015 certified and  implementing the cGMP

Our mission is to provide services to different companies, from start-ups to large companies, as well as to other CDMOs, to help their products to reach the market. 53Biologics works in a quick, proactive and efficient way, always ensuring very high-quality standards.

Write us to know more, we are looking forward to hearing from you


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