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We have wide experience in microbial strain development and mammalian cell line development for the manufacturing of your biologic

We can find the most suitable host among microbial (bacteria, yeast or fungi) and mammalian cell lines for your target protein. Our scope is to develop strains and cell lines with the highest performance in terms of productivity and stability. The entire process of generating a stable and properly characterized Research Cell Bank (RCB), starting from the aminoacid sequence, will be managed by our expert team. We advise and support our clients in choosing the most promising host for each specific case.

We advise and support our clients in choosing the most promising host for each specific case

Escherichia coli Strain Development

We provide innovative solutions for E. coli strain development: engineered strains and expression plasmids combining promoters, selection markers, signal/fusion sequences, and origin of replications. Our team has developed and gathered efficient and innovative molecular biology tools (proprietary or IP-free) to improve protein expression.

Pichia pastoris Strain Development

We have big expertise in yeast expression systems, especially P. pastoris, using a strong portfolio of molecular tools (base strains, promoters, signal peptides and secretion sequences, helpers factors, etc…) to obtain your recombinant protein in bulk. We use the most advanced and IP free molecular biology tools to bring out the full potential of yeasts.

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Fungal Expression Systems

Fungal platforms have demonstrated the highest potential in terms of protein productivity, complexity and efficiency. 53Biologics is the world-wide CDMO leader developing fungal strains Trichoderma, Aspergillus or the revolutionary Myceliophthora termophila, nicknamed C1 and transferring production processes to the industry.

Mammalian Cell Lines

Mammalian Cell lines like CHO or HEK293 are the most used platform for proteins and monoclonal antibodies. Transient trasnfected or stable cell lines. Our commitment is to provide cost-effective and quality solutions. On continuous improvements, our stablished expression conditions will help you to explore the yield of these systems.
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We can improve  your cell line or strain or help you select the most suitable host for your protein

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    Cell Banking

    We are fully capable to produce and characterize Master Cell Banks (MCB) and Working Cell Banks (WCB) in our GMP compliant suits.

    Process Development

    Our experts in Upstream and Downstream Development provide personalized attention and ensure the most effective and innovative solutions for complex challenges.

    Protein Manufacturing

    We offer a wide range of manufacturing capacities for your enzymes, monoclonal antibodies, biosimilars or vaccines under GMP and non-GMP conditions.

    Analytical Services

    From early development to commercial manufacturing, we provide multiple analytical testing services to support your protein project.